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Floor Standing Model

With elegance, the 11000, 9000, 7000 and 5000 water purification systems provide a high level of water capacity and 9 stages of purification. In addition to the high profile look, these systems have self contained flow regulators and leak detectors for added value. Each of these water purification systems is designed with self dispense pad control or one touch dispense for easily accessible drinking water. These systems utilize innovative P2 multi-phase, space age technologies as well as innovative BIO-SURE technology to take water quality to a higher standard of water purification with enhanced minerals, pH balance and sanitization.

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With an innovative design and advanced technology, the WS 9000 CT water purification system provides 9 stages of water purification, which includes a state of the art reverse osmosis membrane that is self contained in the unit. This countertop allows for high usage, while additionally ensuring superior quality and freshness in each drop of drinking water.

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Combination Ice and Water Machine

This model has many convenient functions to aid the customer. The integrated ice-making & water-cooling system is high energy efficient. This machine can supply both hot and cold water from a convenient single spout.


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