Why Our Water

We are exposed to far more toxins than ever before; our water is literally a chemical soup ... EPA records show that so far more than 2,100 cancer-causing chemicals have been detected in U.S. water supplies.
— BottledWaterBlues.com

Is your bottled water company sanitizing the reservoir of your cooler every 60-90 days? If not, the inside of your cooler may look like this!

We have talked with many of our customers about why they made the switch to our water system. These are the reasons they gave us:

  • Eliminates Lifting 40 Pound Bottles
  • Eliminates Airborne Contamination
  • Eliminates Running Out of Water
  • Reduces Workers Compensation Risks
  • Eliminates Bottle Deliveries
  • Eliminates Cost Increases as Consumption Increases
  • Eliminates Landfill Waste From Plastic Bottles
  • One Invoice and One Check per Month (or Quarter)
  • No Bottle Deposits, Delivery Charges, etc.
  • No More Bottle Changes and Related Labor Costs
  • No Wasted Storage Space (Full and Empty Bottles)

Our Services

KD Water Systems "Commitment to Excellence" guarantees the service performance of our coolers and the quality of our service during the entire term of the relationship. Our commitment to you is simple. If your water dispenser is ever in need of service, we will respond quickly and fix it right the first time or we'll replace your unit with one of equal or greater capability until yours is finished being repaired off sight, at no charge. For the term of our agreement!

Our Products

floor standing.jpg

Floor-Standing Model

With elegance, the 11000, 9000, 7000 and 5000 water purification systems provide a high level of water capacity and 9 stages of purification. In addition to the high profile look, these systems have self contained flow regulators and leak detectors for added value. Each of these water purification systems is designed with self dispense pad control or one touch dispense for easily accessible drinking water. These systems utilize innovative P2 multi-phase, space age technologies as well as innovative BIO-SURE technology to take water quality to a higher standard of water purification with enhanced minerals, pH balance and sanitization.

counter model.png


With an innovative design and advanced technology, the WS 9000 CT water purification system provides 9 stages of water purification, which includes a state of the art reverse osmosis membrane that is self contained in the unit. This countertop allows for high usage, while additionally ensuring superior quality and freshness in each drop of drinking water.

combo ice.png

Combination Ice and Water Machine

This model has many convenient functions to aid the customer. The integrated ice-making & water-cooling system is high energy efficient. This machine can supply both hot and cold water from a convenient single spout.